Sunday, July 9, 2017

Unblock Extratorrents by Free Proxy Without any Software

Do you know anything about network or its programming ? I believe the answer to the above question is NO if it wasn't you would not have asked such a question here, the simple answer to your question is NO, but there are some nifty tricks that you can try to by pass the blockade.

Use VPNs, there are many of them and free as well. Some good ones are Hola, Hidemyass, Betternet. They also help your privacy as they grant total anonymosity.

How to Unblock ExtraTorrents :

There are Many Ways To Unblock ExtraTorrent. Here in This Article You Find The Simplest Step To Unblock ExtraTorrent with in Few Sec Of Times. Government Has already Ordered a lot of ISP [ Internet Service Provider ] To Ban The Access Of Users To These Torrent Blog / Sites.

If You Write ExtraTorrent Dot Com On Your Search Engine and Click on Search Button Then, You Will Not Able to Open The Website. You May Get the Following Error

Unblock Extratorrents by Free Proxy

Some of the option you have are :
Try using TOR
Then use utorrent or your torrent client with same IP and port in which tor is using..

2.  Try pshipon (u can get the same from its official website)
And then use the IP and same port psiphon  is working on

3.  Another option is using a online client so that you get a downloadable link
There many of them   like
But my personal favorite is

Try these,  I hope u will be happy tormenting...

Step Three:
This website will download the torrent file to their server so that you can download the file using HTTP protocol. So you don’t need utorrent or other software. Any browser or download manager can download it.
Step Four:
Depending on your download speed, your download will be finished.
Hey Mate, did you like this two minutes recipe to download torrent on your college wi-fi?

A Reliable and secure Torrent VPN hides your original IP address, DNS and other details and provides encryption so your online activities are hidden from all intruders.

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